Time to jump.

World population is booming and arable land gets destroyed at an alarming pace. People need good, safe food and can’t afford to keep on throwing away precious fresh water: this is a point of failure for planet Earth as a whole. Vertical farming is a viable answer but it is capital intensive and complex to run. With the right mix of science, software and engineering we made it accessible, reliable, ultimately scalable. By the way, we’re Italians: when it comes to taste, we know what to do. Time has come to jump forward. Time has come to perfect agriculture.


ZERO architecture™.

Our patent pending "box within a box" approach changes the rules. You just need a warehouse. Our modular kit comes with all you need to kick off the operations, at commercial scale, in few weeks. Plug water, electricity, internet connection and you are ready to go.


Far beyond organic.

We are proud to state we grow the safest crops, far beyond organic. We appreciate agriculture is a bit romantic and you might expect our crops tasting less natural because of all the technology involved, but you are wrong...


We're not growers.
We partner with them.

We're a technology and service provider. We created a format which can be adopted by established players: industrial growers, distributors, supermarkets, processing labs. Becoming their partners, we empower them with a tool to disrupt their industries. We keep on improving and researching addressing the needs they express.


Looking for people
in between worlds.

We're taking a different angle here. We're looking for eclectic people. So, if you need very clear tasks and a reassuring schedule, this is not the job you should consider. We're a small but very special company striving to explore that new territory which lies in between worlds. Contamination is the key to innovation.