Turn-key ZERO farms
and crop hacking.



We're not growers.
We partner with growers.

We are a technology and service provider but we don't sell our technology.

We created a format which can be adopted by B2B players: actual growers, distributors, supermarkets, processing labs. Our clients already have the market under their reach. We are just offering them a perfected tool to do what they already do.

We don't aim for the the maximum efficiency per square meter: we don't reach the sky with our layers nor we grow vertically. We don't build just massive farms. Our technology works with yet industrial but smaller setups, which can be easily and quickly installed everywhere without requiring prohibitive investments. 

We have been striving for a sustainable trade off between complexity and performance. We have been striving to infuse the most refined agronomic know-how into a self learning intelligence which can make it available everywhere, seamlessly. 

We are keen to work with established players as partners, sharing the risk and on a revenue share basis. In practical terms:


We build and operate ZERO farms.


Before growing them industrially in our ZERO farms, crops need to be understood: you need to undertake a process to unlock the optimal recipe to get from them what you want it, targeting specific features like flavor or molecular content.

We are continuously improving a proprietary methodology based on the acquisition of large set of data which are then processed through our machine learning algorithms. When we get to the ideal recipe, we scale its application industrially to the ZERO farms. This is a targeted research and development process. We use to say:


We do crop hacking.