Far beyond organic.

Our crops meet and exceed all the standards required to get the ORGANIC label but the regulators didn't keep up with the pace of new technologies and the debate about soilless growing is still open.

We are proud to state and prove we grow the safest crops, far beyond organic. We appreciate agriculture is a bit romantic and you might expect our crops tasting less natural because of all the technology involved, but you are wrong. Let’s break it down to seven points:



We don’t use pesticides, ever, while also the most strict organic protocol allows for pesticides use, even though limited*.


We feed the crops just with salts and micronutrients. Nothing but what is normally found in soil.


We grow the crops in a clean, protected environment: external contaminations are minimized. We carefully monitor water and air too.


Our crops grow in their ideal environment: they unleash their full potential.


We can tailor the growth process in order to maximize the expression of factors which have a direct correlation with taste or active principles concentration.


Short range logistics allows to shorten the time from harvest to consumption: fresher crops taste better. Think that in less than a week more than 50% of the active principles contained in the crops are gone.


The story of each production lot is traced: the end user can retrieve it through the QR code embedded in each label.


Crops to eat
and crops as bioreactors.

Don't ask us to grow trees... We have been focusing on crops with a commercial value and suitable to be grown on stacked layers. We can grow to eat or grow crops as bioreactors: total control over the variables and a clean, isolated environment make possible to address the expression of specific content in order to maximize the production of pure active principles precious in a variety of industries.