It's an equation made of crops, environment and business.


Crops: natural and tasteful.

  • fresher and more intense flavor than open field crops;

  • the safest crops, far beyond organic: no pesticides at all, -95% fertilizers, just natural nutrients. Eat even without washing;

  • it’s a clean environment, with no soil and therefore no soil borne diseases;

  • full traceability of what happens to each production batch;



Environment: the lowest impact.

  • limited soil usage;

  • more than 98% water saved compared to open filed farming. 40% less water usage compared to hydroponics;

  • short range logistics = less carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere: production can get closer to cities or even inside urban areas;

  • urban regeneration: abandoned warehouses are perfect for our “box within the box” approach;

  • room like labor conditions, clean environment, suitable also for disadvantaged workers;

  • 100% recyclable materials, more than 75% recycled.



Business: predictable and sustainable.

  • 100% yield predictability: planning is not guessing anymore;

  • year round, weather independent production;

  • yield is higher than hydroponic setups;

  • suitable for a variety of profitable crops;

  • operated and monitored by ROOT, our Artificial Intelligence. Man intervention reduced to simple operational tasks, therefore human errors are minimized;

  • our vertical farm modular format has been conceived to minimize CAPEX and OPEX and therefore to allow the lowest investment payback time;

  • shipping and logistics are straightforward. Setup of an industrial-grade facility is done in few days;

  • scalability is real and not theoretical.